Lessons learned “Connectivity”

Lessons learned can significantly help future R&I initiatives by providing key information on the results achieved. The table below includes the lessons learned, collected so far, which are related to “Connectivity”:

Type of lesson learnedTopicProject nameDeliverableBrief summary of lesson learned
TechnicalHybrid CommunicationC-ITS CorridorC-ITS Corridor WebsiteITS G5 and Cellular (short- and long-range communication) work well together. Thanks to the use of exactly the same data and the exact same format over ITS G5 and cellular, no serious integration problems arise in-car. The advantages of the one compared to the other are still not clear. More research will have to be conducted in a much more focused way using solid research questions and using international stable.
TechnicalV2X Communications for Cooperative AutomationAutoNet2030D1.3 Public Final Report (Chapter 7.1)Τhe use of tools for monitoring of experiments by means of V2X communication is highly beneficial. Such tools would need to be developed at an early stage of the project.


Summarising the table above, one could state that it is important, for smooth integration, to use the same format to exchange the same data regardless of the communication technology deployed. Another important finding, is to use early enough in the course of a project V2X monitoring tools.

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