Lessons learned “Deployment, Production and Industrialisation”

Lessons learned can significantly help future R&I initiatives by providing key information on the results achieved. The table below includes the lessons learned, collected so far, which are related to “Deployment, Production and Industrialisation”:

Type of lesson learnedTopicProject nameDeliverableBrief summary of lesson learned
TechnicalGLOSA speed adviceC-ITS CorridorC-ITS Corridor WebsiteA maximum speed must be included in the advice speed calculation so that the in-car speed advice does not exceed the maximum speed. If this is missing, the speed advice should not be given. Time synchronization is also crucial for the service.
FinancialProcurement and availability of automation-ready vehicle platformsMuCCAMuCCA Project WebsiteTimely access to a suitable automation-ready vehicle platform has been challenging in the project. Ready to buy solutions are expensive and developing customized solutions within the project requires a lot of resources. Early access to a physical platform during development has proven convenient although simulation has helped on this side to bench test algorithms and part of the hardware.


Summarising the table above, one could state that to support deployment it is important to have all necessary parameters for a CAD function to operate (e.g. in case of GLOSA maximum speed should be sent together with the speed advice) and also have access to automation-ready vehicle platforms at an early stage of a project.

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