Impact Assessment Frameworks

This page highlights impact assessment frameworks that focus on key elements of Connected and Automated Driving.

Trilateral Impact Assessment Framework for Automation in Road Transportation, developed in EU–US–Japan cooperation. High-level framework to support harmonisation across three regions (EU, US, Japan). Includes recommendations and advice on:

  • Classification of evaluated system/service
  • Common vocabulary
  • Direct and indirect impacts: 12 impact areas
  • Impact mechanisms & paths
  • Recommendations for experimental procedures
  • Recommendations for data sharing
  • KPI repository

Download version 2 (April 2018)..



C-Roads is a Platform, where authorities and road operators join together to harmonise the deployment activities of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) across Europe. The goal is to achieve the deployment of interoperable cross-border C-ITS services for road users. C-Roads has a work group for evaluation and assessment to harmonise evaluation activities related to these C-ITS deployments. Download the C-Roads evaluation plan here.


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