Testing Infrastructure

Testing on public roads with a corresponding certificate, as a possibility for testing advanced, automated vehicles/functions and

Testing in special test environments, in order to carry out extensive test running for research development and validation projects and so to make it possible for all participants to learn together.

Procedure Description

The current (June 2018) legal environment allows the testing of automated vehicles in the following use cases:

  • Shuttle / pod up to 20 km/h
  • Motorway pilot with automated lane change
  • Automated military vehicle

In order to get permission for testing, the applicant needs to provide detailed information on the vehicle, the driver, a proof of insurance, information on the testing period and the road sections to be used, as well as on the functionalities to be tested. Additionally the applicant needs to acknowledge the Code of Practice which contains the general rules for the testing.

Depending on the different use case, evidence for a certain number of test kilometres needs to be provided.

The (main) steps are:

  • Hand in the completed application form
  • Decision and issuing of permission

Eventually, reporting on on-going testing to National Contact Point Automated Driving are necessary every 6 months. Testers must provide a final report at latest one month after testing is completed.

Organisation(s) in Charge

BMVIT – Austrian Federal Ministry for Transportation, Innovation and Technology: Responsible for the process, the decision on the applications and the issuing of the permission.

AustriaTech: National contact point for automated driving and responsible for the performing of the respective tasks within this process (consulting, communication etc.).

Contact Information

AustriaTech is the national contact point and serves as coordinating interface between the applicant and the BMVIT.

Link to Procedure Website

Link to Documents

Further Comments

As the code of practice and the application form for testing permission are being updated constantly, links need to be checked regularly. Furthermore, the legal requirements may be adapted as well.

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