Policy and Regulatory Needs, European Harmonisation

As far as policies are concerned, Europe, European bodies and some EU members have released EU-wide as well as national orientations, road maps and/or national guidelines highlighting targets and hurdles/opportunities to facilitate deployment of AD in Europe. As far as technical regulations are concerned, UN ECE WP29 in Geneva has restructured its organization with regards to AD in 2018 in order to enhance and accelerate technical regulations. As far as traffic laws are regarded, UN ECE WP1 has also started new activities to amend the Vienna Convention to make it possible circulation of SAE levels 3 and 4 under certain conditions. Therefore, there is European and International momentum to make deployment of AD feasible in the coming years. ARCADE will make a detailed review of current initiatives and highlight achievable targets and best practices to make first AD use cases happen safely at a reasonable pace.

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